Data Science

Data Science

In our interpretation data science means transformation of the raw data into information with the application of statistical or algorithmic solutions. The common point in our data science is that they are web based services so can be used under the concept of SaaS (Service as a Service). This approach has multiple benefits:

  • You use an already developed system: lack of development fee and time
  • Yet there is an opportunity to adjust the service to your taste, so the OTC product can be personalised for a reasonable cost
  • You generally have to pay some traffic basis fee (based on number of users, duration of usage or the occupied storage, etc.) 
  • Maintenance is remote, that is cost effective and practically continuous
  • New features or versions can be implemented step by step, returning to a stable version in case of emergency does not require extra efforts. 


Sales Force effectiveness (SFE) Support

Sales networks are important components of companies, but sales activity is generally less complicated outside of the pharma industry. Medical “products” possess some research value and the company representatives should follow the best practices of information delivery and sales activity at the same time. 

Similarly to other significant areas the whole sales force activity should be planned with high care and should be monitored continuously. We developed a system to manage this issue. 

It is suitable 

  • to handle file upload (assuming that input data arrives from external data source), 
  • to set-up a sales network to support one or several products in parallel. 
  • To appoint market targets
  • To define KPIs
  • To monitor the actual activity against the plans
  • To sharpen an automatic notification system in case of significant deterioration.  

Our SFE support system is equipped with a – flexible – dashboard to assure the best overview of the processes. The processes themselves are not really reported in the system but with the help of a sophisticated process control they are strictly managed with involving as many automatic procedures as possible. 


Personalised IQVIA dashboards

IQVIA has a dominant role in collecting and sharing commercial information of drug sales data collected in pharmacies and hospitals. They collect the data and sell the pre-processed information to their clients. The available set of information if important but cannot be considered as a final solution as each company wants to see the data/information through their company specific glasses. 

This is the point where we can help. Data is in the house, data is somehow pre-processed (quarterly or yearly summaries are also included) but the data in it format is not eligible to make business decisions. 

With the help of our statistical knowledge we are able to predict business processes after cleaning them from trends or seasonal effects. This is a sexy opportunity in forecast. But we  are also able to indicate a potential erroneous data or an artificially wrong input (freud detection).