Planimeter  was  founded  in  1997  to  provide  data management  and  statistical  support  for  the pharmaceutical industry with a focus on the analysis of  data  from  clinical  trials  and  post­marketing surveys.


As  for  therapeutic  areas  we  have  the  most experiences  in  oncology,  respiratory  diseases, neurology, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and nephrology.  This  includes  working  on  a  range  of specific measures, outcomes and end­points: e.g. various  blood  pressure  assessments  (including ambulatory), a wide variety of questionnaires and a broad  spectrum  of  laboratory  datasets  (including histochemistry).


Whilst we provide a full data management and statistical service for clinical trials from design to reporting, Planimeter has extensive experience in support of post-marketing or observational studies.

  • Verified data entry (using automatic pre-defined checks)
  • AE / SAE reporting
  • Payment management
  • Fraud detection
  • Status reporting
  • Automated reporting
  • Multilingual environment

Our EDC systems are running in seven countries, and many further projects are under discussion.

Deployment and continuous improvement of our EDC-based approach led us to develop Patient Registries.

Three of our Patient Registries have been implemented recently and further registries are in the pipeline.

Planimeter has also gained a reputation as a pharmacovigilance (PV) service provider. Our main focus is monitoring of the Hungarian Medical Literature for possible adverse events (AEs). We play an important role in this segment and this fact led to further projects in this area like Facebook or web-page content monitoring.


Planimeter currently has more than sixteen employees and also employs a similar size pool of expert contractors. Our office is located in Budapest.