What we developed

A huge variaty of web-based services to support drug development. 

WEB-based solutions


Electronic data capture


An e-learning designed for pharma industry.

Cost reimbursement

To manage the cost of travel reimbursement in clinical studies. 

Sales force planner

Longtime sales force effectiveness planner 

Developement of web-based solutions is a 15 years old tradition for Planimeter. Several solutions are specifically to support drug development while other are to support business intelligence with providing data science solutions.

Latest Projects

e-learning system

An e-learning system for a European pharma company with 1000 users. The properly documentet development and the detailed testing emerged the system to be a candidate for e-learning for the owners in the USA

Sales force effectiveness planner

A development to support the yearly planning of SFE activities with integration of montly facts date in all 17 countries where the company is present. 

Transparency Reporting

Pharma companies should report the funding details of supporting physicians in conference visiting. This system provides a good background to document the whole process. 

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