Tables, Listings and Graphs are defined in the Statistical Analysis Plan with the help of Table Shells. Theoretically table shells defines the outputs with character precision (in case of Tables and Listings).

Our solution

Planimeter developed a highly sophisticated SAS-macro set which is able to deliver the required outputs with very high flexibility. What is the best in our solution that the macro set can be adjusted through an interface which does not require programing knowledge. So if no new template is required, the outputs can be put together simply in a text-editor.

While each study requires some further development of our SAS macro set, greater and greater part of tables, listings and graphs can be used in off-the-shelf manner. Today we are generally cover a typical clinical study with pre-defined outputs in 65-85%.

The advantage of this high coverage is that our TLG generation costs can be decreased reasonably proportionally with the decrease in work-load.