Business concept

E-Learning systems become integrant part of mid-size and larger companies. They might serve different business needs: they can act as internal training systems to fasten the integration of new employees, they can be a communication channel to contribute new developments both internally and externally. In this meaning e-Learning system can also be considered as marketing tools, because services (e.g. a webpage template) or products (e.g. boxed instrument) can be supported with e-Learning systems.

Our concept in our solution is to provide a very general framework for hosting of a specific training material. General, because

  • presented materials include all formats usef today, that is text, photo, video or presentation,
  • all popular test types are supported: quiz with yes/no or multiple coice questions, open-ended questions, matching. We can control the timing and number of attempts. Real-time evaluation is also supported,
  • all activities are logged,
  • assingment of pupils and trainings is supported with drag and drop technique,
  • we provide a maximally flexible reporting environment,

Our solution

Flexible Solution

We concentrated to provide maximal flexibility in our solution. The manager can set-up the training materials (text, image, video or sound) and to assign the different materials to the students.

Tests & Feedback

Students automatically get notifications when new training material emerges. The training can be combined with different types of tests. Managers are feed-backed with outcomes showing all learning-related information (spent time, score – if relevant – number of tries – if relevant.

The system is able to operate standalone, but easily can be integrated in other systems. It supports the patients’ education in our CRM system and we are currently working on the combination of SOP-development and SOP-training.