The perfect dashboard engine


Planimeter is not a classical IT team. The resolution of this statement is the approach we apply to fix a business problem. The fact is that information is a value. And it is also a fact that information can be gained from data. The question is: how. We deliver IT solutions for solving business issues, but the core of our solutions is application of statistical “magic”. The R (software) environment is absolutely a good place to perform such magic. R is a program language under the GPL2 / GPL3 license. It means that we can use R for free of charge in the development period and you can use the obtained solution for free of charge for your business purposes. 

Core R is developed by a small group of dedicated programmers, while the majority of the knowledge available in R (at this moment 18K+ so called packages) are developed on a voluntary basis. 

Shiny is not more and nor less than an R package, but an important package. It makes it possible to display any outcome prepared in R, so this is the primary framework of dashboards created in R. 

What is the importance of such dashboards? Please have a look at the official site of R/Shiny ( https://shiny.rstudio.com/gallery/ ) where you can see some applications. You can find a complex agricultural expert system (“Pasture Potential Tool for improving dairy farm profitability and environmental impact”,   https://www.dairynz.co.nz/feed/maximising-feed-performance/pasture-potential-tool/  ) which tells you – among other things – the optimal feeding strategy according to different crops and pasture types. Or you also can see example for a quite complex health and wellbeing profiling tool introducing these concepts through very different approaches
( https://shiny.rstudio.com/gallery/scotpho-profiles.html ). Similarly, a real estate support tool can be seen at https://conorotompkins.shinyapps.io/house_price_estimator/ which introduces the opportunity of development of a business oriented dashboard providing information in real time.