How can we help?

With study design, data management, SAS programming, eCRF, statistical reporting

We have several competencies which might be useful in clinical trials. We have experiences in protocol development (including choice of study design) sample size calculation and CRF development. If you need a elevtronic data capture tool, we can provide it to you as well. After study closure we can do data management and can provide the statistical outputs (tables, graphs, linstigs) includeing the statistical report. 
Study design

Regarding study design we are ablo to support the so called classical approaches (like parallel design, cross-over, etc.) and the so called modern designs (like adaptive designs or other Bayesian approaches). Learn more

Data management

Data management covers the integration of automatic checks into the eCRF system, development of Data Management Plan (DMP) and support of the whole querying proicedure. Data management activities end with database closure, but before that coding [of concomitant medication or adverse events] or (serious) advese even reconciliation should be performed. 

Statistical programming

Statistical programming means the programming of unique and repeat tables graphs and lists of the clinical trial. This activity starts (or coducted by) the table shell (a part of statistical analyis plan) and ends with the touchable tables listing and graps of the study. 

Statistical reporting

Statistical reporting is a kind of annotated interpretation of the tables/listings/graphs output. The content is coming from TLGs, but the interpretation contains the statistical explanation of the outcomes.