e-Learning system

The Learning Platform

e-Learning System

An eLearning system was developed for internal usage in 2011. We are audited regularly by our clients and we expected to complete the internal training documentation isse. It really solved this problem and it turned out to be such a generally good solution that one of our clients started to use it – in 2014. 

By today it turned out that this system is one of the most valuable in our portfolio. It is able to cover the eLearning demands of companies of any dimension (we already have experiences from collaboration with companies of 2000-3000 employees/contractors). 

It also turned out that the two most valuable features of the system, namely strict versioning and a well documented process control makes this solution highly competitive for pharmaceutical companies. 

We started to develop an e-learning system which is being transformed into a training platform. What is the difference? The system today is much than set of training materials. It also contains the opportunity to define tons of automatisation processes to manage the whole training process. Furthermore, it is connected with HR at many of our clients, so an on-boarding process or switch in position can also be automatically detected and follow-up. 

In e-learning basically there are two options: 

  • B2C: Your client will educate its own employees, contractors. In that case integration with HR is a good solution to support the efficacy of the system 
  • B2B: Your client will educated its clients’ employees, contractors. In such situations other features, like measuring the exact system usage on different scales might be high importance. 

Our – otherwise – SCORM-compatible solutions is a perfect solution for both cases.