Clinical Trials

Study Design

Transformation of the research questions into statistical statements, selection of the optimal design can determine the outcome of a study.

Data Management

Data Management can cover data collection, querying process and database cleaning, coding or integration of external data sources.

TLG Preparation

Preparation of Tables, Listings and Graphs is supported by the so called statistical programming, but specification and quality control are also solid tasks here. 

Sample Size Determination

Sample size determination can be performed with the help of pre-built functions of SAS or R. It also can be based on simulation in more complex designs.


CDISC is a pharmaceutical standard which support all aspects of data collection, data management and reporting. 

Statistical Reporting

The program outputs contain all the results, but a meaningful, well structured summary of them can mean a great help in interpretation of them. 


Protocol, CRF and other accompanying documentation preparation is an integrant part of DM and statistical support of clinical trials. 

Statistical Programming

Statistical Programming means the process which finally leads to preparation of Tables, Listings and Graphs. 

Quality Assurance

Data Management, Statistical Programming, Evaluation: each step has its own specific quality control requirements. 

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