About Us

Planimeter is a CRO with a solid mathematical and statistical background. Our expertise is in design and evaluation of clinical trials, post-marketing studies and epidemiological surveys. 

We are a boutique but enthusiastic team deeply integrated in the international drug development. 

During the decades we also created a branch of web-based solutions to support a great variety of the usual pharma activities with pure statistical modeling or application of data science solutions like machine learning.  

Clinical Trials

Our core business is design, evaluation and reporting of clinical trials. You can find more details with clicking the icon.

Web Based Solutions

Several important web based solutions – avilable as Software as a Service (SAsS) – were developed during the decades. Please check our eLearning, eCRF or SFE planner solutiond for further details. 

Other Research Activities

Besides clinical trials we, at Planimeter are also a frequent participant in support of post-marketing studies, epidemiological surveys or medical device related research. 

Data Science

Our general data science can also be applied outside of pharma sector. Methods like forecast, simulation, personalised communication, pattern recognition, etc. requires high level statistical knowledge. 

Focus on Statistics

We at Planimeter has a strong focus on statistics we do not have a monitoring department we do not do field work. This feauture makes us capable to collaborate with other CROs without data management or statistical resources. 

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76 Váci út, Budapest, Hungary

Monday-Friday: 8am – 5pm (CET)

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