Planimeter is a full service CRO with a strong mathematical background. It's core service is biostatistics: during its 18 years of existence Planimeter took part in design/evaluation/reporting of more than 100 clinical trials of Phase I-IV. Planimeter started to provide web-based solutions to support pharmaceutical industry like eCRF (electronic case report form), Patient Registry, e-Learning system, CRM (customer relationship management) or CTMS (clinical trial management system). Planimeter has contract in 12 countries, mostly in Europe and the United States/Canada.



Our vision is to be an internationally known and accepted service provider in Pharmaceutical industry. One day we would like to turn our rich knowledge and experience in biostatistical / bioinformatical innovation. What we do not aim at any circumstances is to be ‘leader’ in business or measurements aspects. We wish to provide top-level services with a manufactoral taste and comfort.



Our mission is to serve as a source of expertise in delivery classical and up-to-date biostatistical services in pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device industries world-wide, and to promote the use of rigorous quantitative methods in the biomedical and public health sciences. Our approach is to capitalise on our presence and network in Hungary and use information technology to assist the life sciences industry in the development of quality products, on time and on budget, every time.

The Core Team

István Jánosi

Founder, Managing Director

István is the founder and Managing Director of Planimeter. He is statistician by profession and has been working in pharmaceutical industry for 22 years. Main skills are in design and evaluation of clinical trials, but team leadership, company-related management work, internal and external training are also part of his daily activity. István supported Accovion, CSL Behring, Bayer and Novartis as contracted statistician / statistical programmer. He is the author or co-author of numerous publications. Member of ISCB and DIA.

László Szakács

Head of Statistical Programing and Medical Writing

László joined Planimeter 13 years ago. Having an extremely wide knowledge and understanding of statistical issues, he reached a leading position quite early. Laszlo has fantastic abilities in integration of different procedures together which can be caught out in many of our web-based solutions. László is a great innovator: he always deliver the exact and optimal solution independently how many sofware systems should be linked to achieve the optimal result.

András Lieber

Head of Web-based Solutions

András Joined Planimeter in 2002. He created our first web-based solution - actually an eCRF - and played a main role in design and development of the 1st versions of Planimeter's e-Learning System, Patient Registry, Medical Information System, Clinical Trial Management System (CTMS) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM). András is very efficient to provide the simplest solutions which assure easy understanding of the philosophy of the system.

Bíbor Balázs

Key Contact Manager

Bíbor joined Planimeter in 2003. Her previous mission was logistics and with these skills of hers she could easily assist the growth of our small company. She is not only responsible for keeping contact with our key partners but she is deeply involved in providing our pharmacovigilance services and QA/QC system development.