The Magic of Statistics

Planimeter is a CRO with a solid mathematical and statistical background. Our expertise is design and evaluation of clinical trials, post-marketing studies and epidemiological surveys. 

Clinical Trials

Our core business is design, evaluation and reporting of clinical trials of Phase I-IV. 


Let’s introduce our eCRF solution which already has a 15 years old history.

Post-marketing Studies

However the activities of the post-marketing studies are similar to those of clinical trials we have some unique solutions here. 


Quality and continuous training is an absolute requirement in the pharmaceutical sector. We developed an eLearning tool for ourselves and it turned out that this is higly valuable product.

Epidemiological Surveys

Epidemiological surveys requires a complex, flexible data collection platform, more experience in data management. 

Data Science

To forecast, to simulate or to integrate a machine learning approach or AI solution, you have to use high level statistics. This is why we are here.

Tradition and innovation

23 years in the business

Planimeter was established in the previous century, in 1997. It is a limited liability company owned by private persons.

The main focus by competence is on statistics and data management, by sector is on pharmaceutical industry, more specifically on drug development. During our existence we could participate in 1200+ projects of 500+ clients in 22 countries so far. 

Beyond our statistical knowledge we also developed and continuously maintain web-based solutions like eCRF, e-Learning system, Sales Force Effectiveness Planner and many others. 

Our background

Tools, Competences

In the management of the clinical trials we basically use SAS Software in data management and reporting. In sample size calculations sometimes R or PASS is also used beyond SAS software. Our eCRF system was programmed basically in PHP and some other tools were used (e.g. R, JavaScript, etc.). Our web-based solutions were created in PHP with integrated R or R/Shiny solutions. Clinical databases are stored in SAS internal datasets or MySQL databases. But there is no restriction in this, our systems are able to connect to any commercial database system.

Quality Assurance

Quality is a must in the pharmaceutical industry and we have been improving our processes for 20 years to fulfil this requirement. We have a regularly managed and audited SOP set covering five main areas:

  • General issues,
  • Data Management,
  • Statistical Activities,
  • Pharmacovigilance,
  • Software developement and Maintenance,
  • Information Technology.

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