Caddy Web Server

What is Caddy? Caddy is an alternative web server easy to configure and use. Matt Holt – The Project leader of Caddy claims that Caddy is a general-purpose web server, claims to be designed for human and it is probably the only of its kind. Features of Caddy Speedy HTTP requests using HTTP/2. Capable Web

Medication errors  are the most common preventable cause of undesired adverse events in medication practice and present a major public health burden. EU legislation requires information on medication errors to be collected and reported through national pharmacovigilance systems for evaluation and assessment. Use of common definitions and collaboration with patient safety organisations underpin error prevention

Proper use of MS Word

Today the use of Microsoft Word is widespread in most organizations. Everyone uses it, but only few know how to do so properly. It is a frequent occurrence to open a document, only to find it being misaligned or suffering from other styling errors. These issues can be distracting at best, but can also make

One of the major tasks in natural language processing (NLP) is the part-of-speech (POS) tagging of sentences, i.e. categorizing the words according to grammatical properties. Common parts of speech are noun, verb, article, adjective, preposition, pronoun, adverb, conjunction and interjection. With the help of a recent R package RDRPOSTagger now one can perform POS tagging

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