Today I would like to take a break from our ongoing informative articles. Just lean back and have some fun reading about how software projects got their name. If you work in IT development, you have probably heard and used and abbreviations like JavaScript, MySQL, Git, Java, etc. You might even be familiar with what

An article written by Brandon Vigliarolo for Techrepublic. Most computer users have dozens of passwords: Banking websites, social media, bill payments, online retailers—all of them require secure logins. Because so many websites vary their password requirements it’s hard to use just one password that’s easy to remember, not to mention what a bad idea that is. Keeping

Authors: Jessica Hartmann, Martina Schüßler‐Lenz, Attilio Bondanza, Christian J Buchholz DOI 10.15252/emmm.201607485 | Published online 01.08.2017 EMBO Molecular Medicine (2017) e201607485   In recent years, an increasing emphasis has been put on cancer treatment in the field of change in the patient’s immune response. One of the promising therapies is called CAR T-cells therapy. The

The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) has released the well known standard 21 CFR PART 11, which governs how affected systems should handle electronic records and signatures. The scope of this standard extends to all companies within the food, clinical or pharmaceutical industries.   The question is if a web-based training system (also called Learning